(De)constructing Handstand 



I am interested to find the movement and the balance in between. To be precise, to train, to practice

To make the handstand more moved and the movement more balanced. To be aware and play with different tensions.



Verena offers a  technical and creative handstand training & a movement practice training (Movement Training, Floor work, Improvisation).

Regarding the questions of how and why do I train, the training will be physically demanding - with an attention on endurance, awareness training & physical preparation.

 The class will focus on bodywork, flexibility and precision. For this I use traditional exercises as well as an alternative training approach, which should lead to more lightness and precision.



Depending on the level of the student I try to guide the students to their limits. Through my education in ESAC - Toulouse, I have also passed through a number of research hours on creative handstand work. Guiding people into their personal development in handstand approach. 

Anyway I try to make the students aware of different tools & exercices, but also how to integrate it into a whole body awareness. 


My handstand & movement training is currently mainly influenced and enriched by exercises and the knowledge of my longtime teacher, Pascal Angelier (Toulouse, France) as well as training approaches by Tomislav // Ferus Animi, Winston Reynolds among others.


Upcoming Workshops 2020

  • An Acrodance Movement Investigation: 2./3. Mai 2020 in Innsbruck - Vierundeinzig.                                                                         MORE INFORMATIONS: https://www.facebook.com/events/1302736889927868/

Past Workshops 2019:

  • Training in between Acrobatics, Dance and Movement Investigation: 2/3 November in Brussels (Garage29)

  • Deconstructed Handstand: 18/19 October in Innsbruck - Einundvierzig  

  • Microbatics: 11/12/13 October in Vienna - Raum 33   

  • Vienna: DeconstructedHandstand Workshop: 27/28.April 2019  

  • Zirkushalle Dornbirn: The Acrobat in The Flux: Collaborative Workshop: 22/23/24. February 2019                                                                           

  • Katapult (Berlin): The Acrobat in The Flux: Collaborative Workshop: 8/9/10. March 2019